Regenerative Medicine promotes the repair of the body by helping restore degenerative tissue. Treatments offered in our office are great alternative to painful surgeries and some harmful and addictive medications. Our medical and rehabilitation staff utilize our in-house diagnostic equipment to help diagnose a patient’s condition and work as a team to customize a treatment plan that works best for each individual patient.

With our name change from Living Well Chiropractic to Living Well Health Center begins our metamorphosis into an integrative approach to your healthcare. We have added a nurse practitioner to our practice uniting traditional mainstream medicine with alternative medicine.

This “integrative” approach allows the patient more options for reaching their full health potential. We offer chiropractic services, along with massage therapy, acupuncture, and medical services that working together can help clients better attain their healthy pain free goals without the risk of addictive and/or dangerous medications and risky surgeries that can cause long term effects to the body.

Many clients can achieve their goals with chiropractic adjustments, stretching, exercise and nutritional changes. However, some clients may need further medical services that may require treatment of an infection with antibiotics or possibly need joint injections to get them to achieve their objectives. This new regenerative approach to your healthcare will allow us to better fully serve your ultimate needs.