Today Is your Day… Treat Yourself OR A Friend!

Relax in a world of pampering…soft music, therapeutic massage by a licensed practitioner. It will relieve tensions, reduce the risk of injuries, and add an overall feeling of “well-being” to your body and soul.

You owe it to yourself to try one of our many services below:

    • Overall
      Full Body Massage 1 Full Hour $65
    • Pain Relief
      Neck, Back and/or Shoulder 30 Minutes $40
    • Chair Massage
      $1 Per Minute
    • Athletic Massage or Streches
      Sports, Pre-Event or Post-Event Massage 30 Minutes $50
      Pre Event Sports Stretches $25
    • Hot Stone Massage
      30 Minutes $50
    • Lymphatic Massage 
      30 Minutes $60
      60 Minutes $100